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About The Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health.The Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health, is an Association that was formed on September 30, 1994. More than fifty (50) Recreation Professionals from all regions of Nova Scotia participated in the formation of this organization. N.S.R.P.H. allows for Recreation Professionals from around the province to communicate, network, share concerns and ideas, as well as advocate for the necessity and benefits of recreation in the health care system.

Mission Statement

The NSRPH advocates for the recognition of recreation and leisure as an important element in individual well-being and the development and maintenance of healthy life-styles. The Association supports its members by facilitating professional development and providing a network to enhance communication, exchange information and resources among and beyond our membership.

N.S.R.P.H Association supports its members by facilitating professional development in the recreation health field. We provide a network to enhance communication, information exchange, advocacy, and resources within our membership, with other related agencies and interested persons.


  • To facilitate professional development in the field of Recreation in Health.
  • To advocate the implementation of service standards across the province.
  • To advocate with the Department of Health and Wellness for mandatory service standards for Recreation Services in Health Care Facilities.
  • To design, advocate and administer a Provincial Registration Process for Recreation Professionals in Health.
  • To work and cooperate with other disciplines, regulatory bodies and agencies to improve the leisure lifestyle of individuals in Health Care Facilities.
  • To create awareness of the importance and need for recreation services in health.
  • To provide an avenue for exchanging information, resources, ideas and relevant issues through meetings, workshops, correspondence and newsletters.
  • To work with post secondary institutions to develop pre-employment education programs with the emphasis on the delivery of recreation services to individuals with disabilities in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • To evaluate the mandate of the Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health annually at a conference.


To be leaders in providing and promoting excellence in recreation as a therapy and service through evidence based practice.


Respect for human dignity

We respect the dignity of all, valuing each individual’s freedom of choice, right to take risks they find acceptable and right to be involved in appropriate decisions

Honesty and Integrity

We are committed, trustworthy, honest and reliable, exhibiting regard for confidentiality and privacy and demonstrating loyalty.

Fairness and equity

We believe in treating people fairly, without bias or favouritism, and are committed to inclusion and equitable treatment for all.


We accept responsibility for our actions. Our lines of communications are open and we are transparent in our reporting, operations, and financial matters.


We value partnerships in our workplaces, with other professional associations and among our members


We are committed to excellence in our programming and our operations, working from a base of competence, grounded in research, and with due regard for safety.

Code of Ethics

Click here to download the Code of Ethics file (pdf 335kb)

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