Creative Writings & Acknowledgements ~ NSRPH Week 2013

A Tribute to Recreation Professionals!

By Robert Lucas, H.F.A. (retired) By Bob Lucas Site Co-Owner, The Activity Director’s Office

Thank You!

Thank you for all that you do to improve the quality of life for those who matter the most, your residents!
They appreciate it!
Thank you for all your creativity.
The residents are thankful.
Thank you for the extra effort you put into each day.
Thank you for helping out in the dining rooms for meal programs.
They need you!
The nursing staff does appreciate it!
Thank you for all the special trips and community events.
They love being a part of the community.
Thank you for all the effort you put into your volunteer program,
It definitely does not happen without you!
Thank you for smiling even when you don't feel like it.
Thank you for spending time with those residents who can not come out of their rooms.
They especially appreciate the pet visits.
It takes your entire team and a dynamic program.
Thank you for giving all of your self.
Thank you for filling the resident's days with meaningful activities.
Thank you for pushing so hard to get extra special programs approved.
The extra effort paid off!
Thank you for all the extra hours you put into planning a
And implementing elaborate events.
It was appreciated!
Thank you for attending seminars and association meetings,
even when sometimes you have to use vacation days.
Thank you for supporting other recreation professionals.
Thank you for taking a chance and trying something new.
Thank you for dressing up for all those holidays.
Thank you for all the hugs and love you give to them.

* Note Activities was changed to Recreation



Recreation Professionals...

Conduct more interviews than......Jay Leno
Do enough exercise to be on ..... Sportsworld
Put on as many specials as..... Bob Hope
Ad Lib as much as.... Joan Rivers
Play as many games as..... Sesame Street
Know as much trivia as the contestants do on..... Jeopardy
Live through as many family traumas as...... Dallas
Deal with as much illness as..... General Hospital
Have as much compassion as .... Little House on the Prairie
Analyze current events like...... The Today Show
And we are ready to go into reruns at any time!
Above and beyond all of this, we must....
Sing like.... Kate Smith
Play the piano like..... Peter Nero
Do stand up comedy like..... George Burns
M.C. Like George Jessel
Act like.... Katerhine Hepburn
Edit newspapers like..... William Randolph Hearst
Read like..... Orson Wells
And do bulletin boards like...... Norman Rockwell



Recreation : R-Team

written by Delilah Jones, AD

We don't do windows, and we don't do beds.
We don't do laundry, and we don't do meds.

We are the R-Team, busy as bees.
We are in charge of Recreation.
We do arts and crafts and special events.
We do papers, charts and assessments.

We call BINGO. That is our task.
What is that Number? Five times they ask.
We deliver mail and read it, too.
We do fingernails and shop for shoes.

We plan special events with foods and drink.
Who needs Thickit? Oh gosh, let me think!

We visit, we talk, we reminiscence.
We laugh, we cry, we hug and we kiss.

We are the R-Team. See us smile.
Our job is fun. Our job worthwhile.

We don't do windows, and we don't do beds.
We don't do laundry, and we don't do meds.

We are the R-Team, busy as bees.
We are in charge of Recreation!



They Dare to Care

Written by Patricia Hillmano for National Activity Professionals Week
Activity Director of Mercer County Geriatric Center Trenton, NJ

They dare to care
They plan your day in a fun way
What they do is good for yo
They don't hesitate to help you recreate
They promote good health no matter your wealth
Honour them during this time without spending a dime
A "thank you" today goes a long way
They dare to care.



For all the Ordinary, Happy Things

For all the
Ordinary, happy things
You've put aside
To care for others

For all the
Hope and courage
You've instilled in them
And for all your patience

This is just a little note
sent from me to you
To thank you for your kindness
in everything you do.

You're someone I can count on
no matter what the reason
Rain or snow, sleet or hail
no matter what the season.

So, take this little note of thanks
and keep it in your heart
That's where my thoughts of you remain
and have been from the start.

Thank You for your kindness

Thank You for your thoughts

Thank You for the hope you bring
That comes right from your heart

Happy Recreation Professionals Week!



A Recreation Professional’s Prayer

By, Dolores Pringle, Director of Activity ~ Bishop McCarthy Residence

Dear Lord,

Give me the strength to stimulate today
those that are placed within my care.
Help me to lift their sorrow,
and erase their pain
And brighten their lonesome way.

Grant me the patience to listen with ease,
To the same story they told me yesterday.
Help me to maintain their dignity
by judging not their
repetition and forgetfulness, please.

Empower me Lord, with Your kind and gentle ways -
As to understand, to love and inspire.
Guide me pleasantly through their reminiscence
As back into their lovely lives I gaze.

Help me hear with ears of fond appreciation
and to see through their experienced eyes of wisdom.
Allow me to open my heart with gratitude
For, they are the ones that struggled for our Great Nation.

Allow me keep an open mind to all the newest resources -
So I can fully understand the gravity of it all.
To Inspire, to challenge, to sing and to dance!
And keep me to yearning for all the latest therapeutic courses.

Provide me with the fortitude to call the BINGO balls,
And allow my hands to manipulate,
to imaginatively design and create.
Lord, help me to keep abreast of the latest
therapeutic techniques
And give me daily vigor,
to energetically travel these halls.

So here I am Dear Lord,
Your devoted Recreation Professional, in quest of Your aide.
Take my hand and lead me
productively through this Nursing Home.

Guide me onward to do this work
with a happy heart and flight of feet.
For I know there is a special place for us ~
because, that’s why Heaven was made.




The Reluctant Resident/Client

by Robin Henry Activity Director in NJ

Why did my daughter bring me here
When I wanted to stay in bed?
I'm old, I'm sick and tired
Can't she get that through her head?

Oh great! Here she comes, the "cruise director"
With her phony, smiling face.
Back off "Julie", take that clipboard and go.
Let me out of this stupid place!

Just give it up with your cheery voice
You sound like such a fake.
No, I don't want any coffee.
No, I don't want....did you say cake?

Now Julie's showing me the schedule
Hmmmm... they say the rosary?
I like crossword puzzles, bowling
I used to write poetry.

Lunchtime now, this ought to be good.
Probably pureed, tasteless goop
Ya know, this meatloaf's not half bad
Can I get seconds on the soup?

Now there's a man playing piano and singing
A song I haven't heard in years
Julie notices just a hint of smile
Through my confounded, stupid tears.

She hands me a tissue and pats my back
This eases my pain and sorrow
I think I might like it here after all
What time should I be here tomorrow?




By Amy Rehberger

This poem is dedicated to the families, staff and most importantly -
the residents who are affiliated with each our Homes

Quality of life is important to all,
As recreation professionals - it's our number one goal.

Recreation keeps us going day in and day out.
As a Recreation Professional, I'll tell you what it's all about.

Table Games
Card Games Galore
How about a quick game of Uno or War?

Let's play bingo, one and all
Is it prize or dime - some residents call.

We'll use our two hands to create arts and crafts,
And after - our work will be admired by family and staff.

Do you have a green thumb, either now or back when.
Let's plant a garden
Whomever can tend.

Let's make a cake.
I'll do the hard stuff
and you decorate.

Chair dancing
Let's all stretch
It's time for exercise and after we'll rest.

Perhaps take a stroll, either inside or out
Walk or wheel
Just don't tire yourself out.

Short Stories, too.
You can read to yourself or I'll read to you.

Let's put on a movie
Is it a new release?
Or is it a classic?
One you might have seen.

Or drama,
Let's put on the TV and see what it offers.

Music of all eras, on tape or CD
Sing-a-long or listen
Just do as you please.

Live entertainment
What a great treat
We'll have a full house
Better get a good seat!

Let's converse - one on one, or in groups.
I'll tell you about me and you tell me about you.

A socials a-brewing, would you like coffee or tea?
I'll have a hot cocoa, I hear some plea.

Religious ceremonies for those whom please
You can attend church or rosary at least twice a week.

Joy Rides
The dollar store - a must!
Everyone load the bus!

If helping others is a task that you please,
You can volunteer your service any day of the week.

Table setting
Mail delivery
Random errands, too!
Would you like to stuff these envelops?
It is completely up to you.

Quality of life is important to all,
As recreation professionals - it's our number one goal.
We bring meaning and purpose into our resident's lives
With significant activities that are sure to suffice.




by Ralph Waldo Emerson

To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people;
to appreciate beauty;
to find the best in others;
to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy
child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition.
To know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.



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